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报告题目Defect Engineered Complex Oxide Thin Films with Anomalous Multifunctionalities

报 告 人Professor Chonglin Chen (陈充林教授)

       Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Texas at San Antonio


     Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston


时  间:2019年6月27日(星期四) 10:00~11:00

地  点:曹光彪大楼326#(材料科学与工程学院会议室)


Dr. C. L. Chen is currently the professor of physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the University of Texas at San Antonio, the joint professor at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston (TcSUH), the “Thousand Talent Program” professor at Tsinghua University, and the fellow of the American Ceramics Society. He received his PhD degree in solid state science (Materials) and MS degree in Physics from the Pennsylvania State University in 1994, MS in Metallurgy Physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, 1986), and BS in Physics from Huachiao University (1983). He was awarded as the Director’s Funded Post-doctoral Fellow in the Los Alamos National Laboratory before he became a faculty member at TcSUH in the University of Houston on May 1996. His research interests have spanned over the areas of multifunctional oxide thin film epitaxy, nanostructure fabrication, surface and interface physics and chemistry, and modeling developments. He has authored/coauthored more than 200 refereed papers appeared in Nature, Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Nanoletters, and others, and delivered more than 250 plenary/keynote lectures/invited talks at various international/national conferences, universities, and research institutes.  He has served as various international advisory board members in many international conferences, chairs and/or co-chairs in various international and national symposiums such as the American Ceramics Society, Materials Science and Engineering, and others.  His researches have been supported by NSF, NIH, Department of Energy, the State of Texas, etc.

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