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Dr. Jiadong Zhou completed his Ph.D at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, under the guidance of Prof. Zheng Liu. He is now a postdoc research fellow at Nanyang Technological University. Dr. Jiadong Zhou’s researches focus on the synthesis, characterizations and applications of novel two-dimensional (2D) crystals. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed papers in top journals such as Nature, Nat Physics, Nat Commun, Science Adv, Nano Lett, Adv Mater, ACS Nano, etc. These works have been reported by the influential media such as The Straits Times, European Chemistry etc. 

Synthesis and properties of novel 2D materials

In this talk, I will briefly introduce our recent work on the 2D materials, including the advances in the synthesis, properties and applications of various 2D materials, structuralengineering of 2D materials, and fabrication of 2D ferromagnetism. Specifically, the aforementioned three parts will be discussed in details as follows: 1) synthesis of high-quality and large-size novel 2D monolayers, particularly, a full spectrum of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs); 2) structural engineering of 2D materials such as lateral/vertical 2D heterostructures; 3)Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides MX2 (M?=?W, Mo, and X?=?Te, Se, S) with strong spin–orbit coupling, possessing plenty of novel physics (e.g. superconductivity). Lastly, I will introduce our recent work on enhanced valley splitting in MoS2 monolayer by doping with ferromagnetic atoms (such as Co- and Fe-doped MoS2) as well as the 2D ferromagnetisms (Fe3GeTe2, FeTe2).


[1] Zhou JD, Lin JH, Huang XW, Zhou Y, Chen Y, Xia J, et al. A library of atomically thin metal chalcogenides. Nature, 556: 355-359 (2018).

[2] Zhou JD, Tang BJ, Lin JH, Lv DH, Shi J, Sun LF, et al. Morphology Engineering in Monolayer MoS2-WS2 Lateral Heterostructure. Adv Funct Mater, 180158 (2018).

[3] Cui J, Li PL, Zhou JD, Liu Z, Liu GT, et al. Transport evidence of Ising superconductivity in few-layer 1Td-MoTe2.Nat. Commun.10, 2044 (2019)

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