Summer school on Defects in Semiconductors


Summer school on Defects in Semiconductors

Zhejiang University, China

6-10 July 2020, Hangzhou, China

The goal of the doctoral school is to introduce PhD students and researchers and engineers from industry to defects in semiconductors and their important impact on the characteristics of electronic devices and on the yield of wafer and device processing. All aspects of defects in semiconductors will be dealt with, ranging from fundamental aspects like their atomic structure, origin, electronic and optical properties, over the best suited characterization and simulation techniques, to their impact on devices and process yield including defect engineering. While most of the knowledge has been gained in the past on silicon materials and processing, there is a renewed strong interest in defect control and engineering, in order to add new functionalities on a silicon platform. The last two (2016 and 2018) summer schools were successfully held in Ghent, Belgium.

The 5-days doctoral school is divided into an Introductory Day (Tutorials) and 4 days of Lectures, which will be given by internationally renowned experts in the field. Charge-free registration is provided for PhD student participants and they are encouraged to make a poster to present and discuss their research.

The Tutorials cover the following topics:

Defects in semiconductors: basic definitions and structural and electrical properties

Defects characterization techniques

Basic of semiconductor devices

Basic of semiconductor processing steps

The Lectures include:

Defects in substrates and epitaxial layers

Processing-induced defects and defect engineering

Interface and bulk defects – impact on devices

Impact of defects on electrical performance

Summer school on Defects in Semiconductors 6-10 July 2020.pdf

For more information and preregistration, please visit the website: can be accessed in the middle of this February.

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