China, Vietnam navies wrap up 30th joint patrol in Beibu Gul

6月24日,中方舰艇正在海上巡逻 Chinese naval ship patrols in the Beibu Gulf on June 24. 6月25日,中国人民解放军南部战区与越南海军组织的中越北部湾第30次联合巡逻圆满结束。 BEIBU GULF, June 30 -- The 30th joint patrol in the Beibu Gulf, conducted by the Chinese PLA Southern Theater Command and the Vietnam People's Navy, wrapped up successfully on June 25. 此次联合巡逻,中越双方各派出2艘海军舰艇参加,航行近26小时,总航程275余海里,为维护北部湾海域安全稳定和良好秩序、推动两军关系健康发展发挥积极作用。 China and Vietnam each dispatched two naval vessels to participate in this joint patrol. They sailed for nearly 26 hours, with a total voyage of more than 275 nautical miles. The joint patrol has played an active role in maintaining security, stability and good order in the Beibu Gulf waters and promoting the healthy development of relations between the two militaries. 24日,中越双方巡逻舰艇编队分别抵达海上集结位置,在使用国际频道组织通信校波并互致欢迎词后,组成双横队沿北部湾中越海上分界线开始交叉巡逻。 The patrol fleets of China and Vietnam arrived at the assembly location respectively on June 24. After communication waves correction and welcoming speeches, they started the crossover patrols along the China-Vietnam maritime boundary in the Beibu Gulf. 联合巡逻期间,双方舰艇编队互相通报了巡逻海区的水文气象、海空情况以及航向航速等信息,增强了资源共享交流和海上通信联络。 During the joint patrol, the fleets of the two sides informed each other of the hydrological and meteorological conditions, sea and air conditions, and the heading and speed information, which enhanced both sides’ resource sharing and maritime communications. 同时,双方相互转换指挥关系,交替指挥己方巡逻舰艇,提升协同配合水平。此外,中越双方还开展了灯光信号操演,双方信号兵用不同长短的灯光信号发送代码,相互传递友好信息。 They also alternated command of the fleets to improve the level of coordination and carried out light signal exercises. The patrol signaler of the two navies used light signals of different lengths to make signal transmission and to convey friendly messages. 根据预定计划,中越双方还展开了联合搜救演练。演练期间,双方交流共享了遇险船只位置、遇险情况和气象条件等相关信息。发现目标后,立即展开救援并通报对方搜救结果。 In addition, China and Vietnam launched a joint search and rescue drill according to the plan. During the drill, the two parties exchanged and shared the information of the distressed vessel’s location and surrounding meteorological conditions. After locating the target, they immediately started rescue and notified each other of the results. 25日,抵达巡逻线终点的中越双方舰艇编队组织舰员分区列队,相互挥手致意送别。至此,中越北部湾第30次联合巡逻圆满结束。 On June 25, at the end of the patrol line, sailors of the two sides manned the rails aboard the vessels and waved each other goodbye. So far, the 30th China-Vietnam Beibu Gulf joint patrol wrapped up successfully. 中越北部湾联合巡逻,自2005年起由中国海军与越南海军共同组织,2019年改由南部战区与越南海军共同组织,至今已成功实施30次联合巡逻,14次联合演练,4次舰艇顺访活动,为进一步维护北部湾海域的秩序和稳定,密切两国友好关系,促进两军加深了解、增进互信有着积极意义。 The joint patrol tradition started in 2005. Since 2019, it is jointly carried out by the troops from the navy under the PLA Southern Theater Command and the Vietnam People's Navy. So far, they have successfully implemented 30 joint patrols, 14 joint drills, and four naval port calls, which have been conducive to safeguarding the security and stability of the Beibu Gulf waters, strengthening the friendly relations between the two countries, consolidating the traditional friendship between the two militaries, and effectively enhancing mutual understanding and trust. 双方展开联合搜救演练 The Chinese and Vietnamese navies launch a joint search and rescue operation. 1 (责任编辑:admin)